Payment Advisory

Modern financial tools can be tricky, as they require much theoretical and practical knowledge in law, accounting, and marketing, too. This becomes even more critical for companies that are just entering the market or moving to a different territory, as legal and taxation subtleties may backfire on those who don’t understand them.

Accepting of various currencies, wire and bank transfers is a necessity even for offline businesses, while in online, it is one of the paramount tasks to be solved as soon as possible. Yet, difficulties may arise from nowhere and at any time, which is why it is crucial to possess relevant knowledge in financial and legal areas.

We in Hooverix Innovation Hub work out individual approaches to each client’s problems and offer services of professional and competent specialists in various areas, who will assist in finding practical solutions to financial issues. We also offer to build legal connections inside and outside of the client’s company, to select an optimum taxation plan, and to start accepting various payment methods, in various currencies, so that the company could operate efficiently and legally in any market.