About us

For two decades now, we have been gaining experience in the development of gaming software for various platforms, of chat bots and mobile applications, as well as in web-development, social media, Internet marketing design and implementation, and in many other fields, too. Besides, we have also been engaged in the development and promotion of blockchains, which have an enormous potential nowadays.

Regardless of the field, we are trying to find unconventional approaches to solving both everyday and novel tasks. Ambitions and the thirst for achievements are usually associated with the Ace, and we feel like Kings on the market we have dominated. Our brand origin story is one of creating the image of a successful professional, who is aspiring to learn more than they knew yesterday, and to become a model for partners and followers. Our company is operating in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Ireland, providing jobs and training for more than a hundred employees with various specializations that are currently in demand like never before.

We in Hooverix Innovation Hub attract partners that look for specific comprehensive solutions to problems caused by market changes, since we are striving to build a new model of interaction between customers and producers, which is demanded by the current realities of the information society.


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