Bots (ChatBots)

We develop chat bots to be used in various fields, from assistant bots to self-learning AI bots. Working on every type of the bot family is an important development path for our company.

Our specialists do not pick the bots to be created, be it a simple answering bot for a website that would wait for a manager’s input, or be it a complex business bot capable of integrating into CRM systems to carry out special operations. We treat every need of our partners with due responsibility and approach them with equal enthusiasm.

Our chat bots are capable of not only fulfilling their conventional functions, but also of promoting the company, increasing client loyalty and facilitating the job of marketing strategists. Besides, a detailed overhaul of the customer’s business processes allows to diminish the employee workload and even to cut staff costs. Using chat bots, it is possible to create and distribute notifications for company employees and clients, to improve management, and to control working activities.

Our chat bot functionalities depend on the requirements and preferences, as well as on goals stated by our clients. There can be even gaming bots, used particularly to entertain clients while they are waiting for response, or to boost the morale of a team.