Social Networks

The Internet and social networks in particular have thoroughly transformed how people communicate with each other. They are not content with the idea of globalization and uniting under one logo any more. Nowadays, users wish to find their own community and filter out the excessive information noise coming from global social networks.

We totally understand such tendencies and the people’s desire to minimize the information influx to their points of interest. That is why we develop, maintain and promoted specialized social networks that are intended to unite people with similar interests and hobbies, eliminating linguistic and geographical barriers, instead of just throwing them all together in a single mass.

Our social networks function not only as platforms for sharing experience and skills in some field, but also as tools for product promotion and advertising. After all, the user communities in our networks represent a more dedicated target audience that is actually more engaged and interested in specific products and services. Our platforms, therefore, are there not only for communication between people, but also for effective interaction between the brand and the consumer who is prepared for dialog.