AI and AR-based Solutions for Marketing

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality has long been the stuff from science fiction. Not anymore. Today, AI and AR-based solutions are used everywhere, but marketing is by far the most efficient application of these technologies.

Artificial Intelligence facilitates interaction between customers and producers/sellers by integrating the AI into business procedures to process huge amounts of data related to each client. Thanks to the AI, marketing strategists are able to understand client needs more keenly, providing unique trade offers more quickly, as well as developing creative business ideas not blindly, but based on precise calculations. All this does not only increase interest to the product and brand, but also increases the probability of successful introduction of a new product range.

Augmented Reality is another effective marketing tool that allows to demonstrate all strengths of the company, its products or services—visually. Besides, AR is also a way of increasing your profits through cutting staff costs, as AR-based applications are capable of demonstrating the products or services by themselves, without human personnel.

Our company deals with comprehensive development and implementation of AI and AR-based technologies for our partners’ business processes. These are both simple and effective ways of reducing workload and increasing the chance of making right and practical decisions.