ASO (mobile application store optimization)

Even the best mobile applications may fail to find their end users, since the users have to sift through hundreds, if not thousands, similar apps. Therefore, app promotion and mobile app store optimization are integral parts of the development process. Making an application without these massive and labor-intensive jobs may even become pointless.

Today, there are dozens of platforms for app distribution and promotion, and each such platform requires specific knowledge and understanding of the target audience. This job is obviously beyond the capabilities of just a couple of people, however competent and experienced they are. If not taken into account, these specifics of mobile market may cause a lot of problems in the future. That is why we specialize in comprehensive app promotion to help the app makers achieve their goal—that is, to have their product downloaded and used.

Partners come to us in Hooverix Innovation Hub looking for high-quality services aimed at product promotion and user engagement, which will help them distribute their products as wide as possible at affordable prices, cover many channels and find their place on this fast-growing market.