Gaming (games by providers)

Since we work in the entertainment industry, we cannot forget about games. Having a clear understanding of the extent and variety of gaming projects, we have developed a unique platform, which is also constantly being improved, for game makers to present their products to the audience using a single API.

By assuming some responsibility for promoting a product, we are able to reach consumers who are ready to become fans of a high-quality game (or a game series). Our resources allow us not only to distribute an individual gaming project, but also to attract the users’ attention to it.

Using marketing tools that are available on our platform, even little studios and sole developers can become visible to the gaming community without significant expenses. A famous brand name is less important than the finished product’s quality, therefore, worthy games will surely find their players.

Acting as an aggregator for hundreds of game worlds, we allow our partners to think less about how to reach their potential audience while focusing more on producing high-quality game content.