Fraud Prevention

Money processing—receipt, transfer, withdrawal, and protection—is an integral part of the majority of Internet-based projects. Like in the physical world, there are lots of people who want to steal money from the others without making much effort. They are constantly developing new approaches to bypass or penetrate protecting mechanisms by fraud, phishing, account hacking, etc. Illegal activities to steal money are evolving together with the protection technologies.

Hooverix Innovation Hub’s services guard the partner projects from outside interference. We have substantial experience in countering known threats and we have been constantly improving our protection services by finding and patching loopholes in order to prevent intrusions at the early stages and thus protect our clients’ finances from malicious intentions.

When our client’s project has a function of putting/withdrawing money, it becomes necessary to protect money flows from intruders. Fraudsters usually tamper with plastic cards and payment systems, but there are other threats, too, such as phishing, account hacking, etc. We have extensive knowledge and skills, as well as a wealth of experience in successfully countering all existing threats and assisting our clients in their prevention.