Gambling Platforms

Our company started 20 years ago by developing software for clients engaged in gambling activities. We are still advancing our technologies and looking for novel approaches in this field to assist current players in the gambling industry. Together, we are working to provide gambling services to gamblers on an entirely new level, as well as to make more engaging games than before.

Our solutions are used across the entire spectrum of activities of gambling companies, which is why development of offline and online gambling tools is an integral part of Hooverix Innovation Hub sphere of interest.

We provide the whole range of solutions to our partners whose activities are aimed at fulfilling the wagering needs of their clients, starting from company management organization, through work centralization, to security tools. We have all the necessary resources at our disposal, the most important ones being our skills and vast experience. With them, we are able to upgrade each pivotal (and not so pivotal) element for comfortable and fruitful work in this field, as well as to create those elements from scratch.

If you are looking for an answer to gambling issues, there is no one out there better than Hooverix Innovation Hub to give it to you. We are accumulating knowledge and skills, and put them into practice to produce quality changes and improvements to each component that make a successful gambling company.